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Hybrid app development

We have an app project that we need help with.
The app itself is made with PHP, Javascript, CSS and is a so-called PWA app…

We want to migrate this to a hybrid app, with better GPS tracking and push Notification…

GPS tracking:

The app currently uses cookies to store GPS data and hopes that the app can retrieve GPS data every minute and store it as a cookie so that the web app will work without further updating.
It is a cookie for latitude: ulat
And one for longitude: ulong

Operating system:

We want it to work for both Android and iOS. We have experience with Xamarin from before, but it does not need to be made with it.

Fixed agreement for updates and further development:

Pretty soon after this is launched on the various app stores, this needs to be updated. We therefore also want an app developer that we can work closely with both with this project and other projects.

Price and payment:

This project is a test project therefore we have a low budget. If you deliver and we like the collaboration, we will talk about other more profitable projects with larger budgets.
Feel free to give us a bid, we pay via PayPal after you have done your part.

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